To Love and Be Love

Woman in field

A French writer named George Sand once wrote, “There is only one happiness in life…to love and be loved.” While I couldn’t agree more, there is certainly more to it. In order to love and be loved, we must first love ourselves. We must recognize that love and happiness are the very essence of our being, our true nature. We must be love.

It sounds almost egotistical to say, “Love yourself.” Yet we will never know our true nature unless we know love. And we will never know love unless, we give love. It goes full circle.

Recently during a radio interview, I was asked, “Josie, what do you think heaven will be like?” Although, I have never had a near-death experience, I have experienced what I term a “visit from heaven” in which my husband’s friend Rich came to me with a message for his wife. The message was later validated by his family and soon after became the foundation for my book, Visits from Heaven. (ARE Press).

My response to what I think heaven will be like? “Peace. Love. Happiness. We will know who we truly are and understand our purpose for being here on this Earth.” I can say with absolute certainty that love is the one thing that we will all take with us when we cross over. Nothing is stronger. And absolutely nothing can or will break the bonds of love.

Love is what sustains us while we walk upon this Earth. It gives us strength and meaning. What will matter in the end is not the money we made, the careers we had, or the material things we owned. None of that will matter. What will matter, however, is the love we gave. The differences we made and the lives we touched.

Although love keeps us going, it can also hurt us and bring us down. It may take away our pain but on other occasions it certainly can cause us pain. For instance, I have seen many close friends and family members go through painful divorces. Although I hope that I never go through the experience, I do understand that nothing is without purpose and meaning . . . not even divorce.

Love is not chosen; it just is. You don’t choose to love another person, it chooses you. Whether you like it or not, it just happens.

Too often I’ve heard people say, “I can’t believe I wasted my time with him.” The truth is time is never wasted. We need to consider the good that came from a relationship whether it is romantic or not. We need to take the lessons learned and move on.

It’s true we live in such a chaotic, hectic world. So much so that we seldom take the time to recognize its beauty or bask in its love. We get back what we focus on in life. So in the end, when our lives flash before our eyes, let’s make it something worth watching. Be love.


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