Happy Birthday, Lucy!

As I’ve said many times, our loved ones are just a thought away.  Today marks what would have been my Godmother Lucy’s 85th birthday.  She was a second mother to me and I miss her very much.

Lucy passed on February 22nd of last year of heart failure.  It’s actually ironic that her heart would eventually give out on her.  She had the biggest heart in the world and was the first person to offer family and friends love and support.

Often when I’m at my desk writing, I go onto You Tube and put in a song that I can listen to as I write.  Recently, I was really missing my Godmother Lucy and put “My Melody of Love” in the search field.  For those of you who may not know, this was a popular song by singer Bobby Vinton in the 70’s.

When I was young, my godmother gave me a Mickey Mouse record player.  It was white with Mickey Mouse on the cover and the needle was actually Mickey’s arm.  I loved it and it brought me many hours of enjoyment.  One day, Lucy came over with the 45 of My Melody of Love and the two of us had such a great time doing the polka and singing to this Bobby Vinton hit.

So on this day as I sat there missing my godmother, I wanted to hear this song that had special meaning to both of us.  As the song played via You Tube, the tears began to flow.  Suddenly, I yelled out as if she was within earshot, “Lucy, are you here?  Do you remember this?  Bobby Vinton.  “My Melody of Love?”  I then cried for several more minutes before going back to my work.

The following week, my husband John asked me if my daughter Lia told me about the dream she had involving my godmother.  When I told him that she hadn’t, he told me to ask her what happened.  When I did, Lia seemed confused and flustered.  She told me that she had had a dream about “Grandma Lucy” (this is what my two daughters called Lucy)but was confused by it.  I told her to just tell me what happened and this is what she said:

Mommy, Grandma Lucy walked up to this box and opened it.  When she opened it, there was this thing going round and round and there was a little stick sticking up.

I stood there open-mouthed.  My daughter Lia unknowingly just gave me a huge validation.  I realized that Lia was, of course, describing a record player but Lia is 10 years old.  So in this age of CD’s and DVD’s, she had no idea of what she was seeing.  She is not familiar with LP’s and 45’s.  She is not familiar with record players.  So why, then, did she dream of my Godmother and a record player.  This was Lucy’s way of letting me know that she did remember.  Yes, she was there and yes, she did remember “My Melody of Love.”

By the way, I showed my daughter pictures of record players and she confirmed that this what she did, indeed, see. But why would my Godmother Lucy visit my daughter in a dream and not me?  This is what is called a Third Party sign.  Think about it for a moment.  Obviously, it is more validating for my Godmother Lucy to go to my daughter Lia and not me.  I may have thought I was having the dream simply because I had asked Lucy if she was there with me.  However, hearing this message from Lia (a third party who had no knowledge of what happened) was a far stronger and convincing validation.

I will never forget this beautiful sign that I received from Lucy.  Yes, hearing “My Melody of Love” will always bring tears to my eyes.  But those tears will cover a smile as I know that she is just a thought away.

So today as I write this in memory of my wonderful and loving Godmother Lucy LoBrace, I would also like to acknowledge her birthday by sharing this story with you.  Please remember that you will see your loved ones again.  Life never ends. Love never dies.  Life goes on. We go on.  Love goes on.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  1. This story gives me goosebumps. This morning, on what would have been my Polish ancestry Mother’s 94th birthday, this was the first song that I heard on the radio. My mother taught this song to my sister and me, and then to all the nieces, nephews and Grandkids. I cannot hear it without bursting into tears. At Bobby Vinton’s theatre in Branson, when he sang it, I literally sobbed. But somehow the sobbing and emotion just add to the very special message of this song.
    “Moja droga jacie kocham, Mom.” Thank you, Bobby Vinton.

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