Yellow Roses for Nancy

The Rose is gowned in petaled grace and lovely beyond telling;
She always lifts a friendly face, regardless of her dwelling.
Her golden silence can express to us, no matter where, joy shared;
Give solace in distress from those who fondly care.
The Rose has ways of saying things we much delight to hear;
without a spoken word, she brings and keeps our loved ones near.”

– Laura S. Beck

One of our four metaphysical senses, clairaudience is the gift of clear hearing which is often compared to having a mental inner ear.  People who have the gift of clairaudience can receive messages from spirit guides, deceased loves ones, etc. in thought form.  These are the thoughts that pop into your head without you consciously thinking them.

Those on the Other Side are very capable of communicating with us and do so all the time.  In fact, they may even enlist the help of others to get a message across to a loved one or even deliver a gift.  Last week, a man I had never met used me to deliver a special surprise to his wife Nancy.

I was home recovering from a medical procedure and since I was laid up and needed to rest, I took the time to read my friend Nancy Clark’s new book, Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences. By the second day, I quickly came to the last chapter.  In it, Nancy talks about the recent loss of her husband Ched.  She tells readers how she loves yellow roses and how her husband would always give her yellow roses on special occasions.

As I read the last three lines, “There is one thing I know for sure. Love never dies. LOVE NEVER DIES!” I smiled to myself knowing the truth of those very words and closed the book.  Just as I did, I heard a voice in my head say, “Buy Nancy yellow roses.”  At first, I was stunned. I wondered, Buy Nancy yellow roses?  This must be Nancy’s husband Ched. 

My husband was working from home so I immediately told him what happened and he replied that I should send the roses if I really felt that the message was from Nancy’s deceased husband.  I sent Nancy an email asking for her address saying that I would explain later.  A short time later, Nancy replied but did not include her address.  Instead, she said something that stunned me to the core.  In it, she wrote how much she missed her husband adding, “This Saturday we would have celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.  We were going to renew our vows.”

This was all the confirmation I needed.  Now, I understood why Ched wanted me to send Nancy the roses.  I again emailed Nancy telling her to please send me her address.  This time she did reply with her address and I went online searching for the perfect yellow roses.  I saw a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and lilies.  I thought this was a gorgeous combination since I like lilies.  But when I went to order the flowers, I kept getting an error message.  It kept telling me that my security code was invalid.  How could this be?  I had the feeling that these were not the roses Ched wanted for his wife.  So I went back to the initial bunch of roses I had seen: 12 long-stem premium yellow roses.  I used the same credit card and put in the same security code.  No problem.  It worked. 

I then arranged for the roses to arrive on Saturday, April 28th, which would have been Nancy and Ched’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Below is an account of what happened on that day in Nancy’s own words:

I have been praying all year for a sign from Ched, something that would let me know he is still aware of my love for him and that he is near. I prayed that Ched would bring me a sign for our anniversary date today.
The following is the answer to my prayers. I have a dear friend in New Jersey who I never met but I love her very much. Her name is Josie Varga. She is an author like myself who is interested in sharing the good news about after-death communications and life beyond death.

Just a few days ago, Josie emailed me and asked me what my address was as she was going to send me something. She gave no hint what she was going to send, but I gave her my address without hesitation. After I gave her my address, I mentioned that April 28th would be my 50th wedding anniversary.
The big day arrives today. I am praying for a sign from Ched on this very emotional day for me. I browse through our wedding album and cry a lot because I miss him so much. A hole in my heart is as large as the city I live in. Yet, I know he is okay. I know he is filled with love, joy, and peace unspeakable, yet it does not soothe the raw emotion of pain that separation has created. I ache to receive a message from him today, but what kind of message, I have no idea. I would leave that up to the mysterious universe. But the day is coming to a close. It’s 5:00 pm already and nothing has happened.
Knock, knock. Someone is at the front door. I have a lung virus for weeks now and I look like a distressed haggard, but I answer the door. A young man in a suit is carrying an arrangement of 14 beautiful long-stemmed YELLOW ROSES in a vase of water! He hands the arrangement to me and wishes me a happy anniversary. I’m anxious to see who sent these beautiful yellow roses to me so I quickly read the card. It says: “Dear Nancy, these roses are not from me; they are from Ched. Happy Anniversary with all his love. I heard a voice telling me to buy you yellow roses. Please call me and I will explain. Love you, Josie.”
I broke down sobbing from happiness that filled every crevice of my heart. I immediately called Josie and she explained that one day she heard a voice in her head telling her to buy Nancy yellow roses. She said it stunned her. “Why?” she wondered. She had no idea why she was supposed to buy me yellow roses! She told her husband about the voice in her head telling her to “buy Nancy some yellow roses” but didn’t understand why she should do this. She asked her husband what she should do. He told her to go ahead and buy them. So the next thing Josie did was to email me and ask me what my address was. She didn’t tell me why she wanted it and I didn’t ask. The story played out fully today when the yellow roses arrived at my doorstep.
Remember, Ched contacted Josie to tell her to buy me yellow roses BEFORE she knew my anniversary was coming up in a few days. She listened to that voice in her head and made a decision to buy them for me without knowing why. Only after she asked me for my address, did I tell her that my anniversary was coming up in a few days. I can imagine how Josie must have felt when she learned about my upcoming anniversary and then to know that Ched’s spirit contacted her to send me the yellow roses. She must have been overjoyed to be an instrument of love from Ched to me.
It is 45 degrees outside today, rainy, and cold. Even though I have had a bad virus for three weeks, I donned a warm coat, gathered one long-stemmed yellow rose from the arrangement Josie sent; I took Ched’s photo, my heart-shaped necklace that contains some of Ched’s ashes, his wedding ring, my Bible and a new ring that I would use to renew my vow to love him for eternity. I walked to the memorial garden I created for him where some of his ashes remain and I sat on the bench seat near him. The wind whistled through the tall ash trees and the chilly mist perched on my eyeglasses but I was warmed by the love I was feeling for Ched and for the sign he brought me on this anniversary day to let me know his love is still with me.
Before I left, I thanked God for the amazing gift I received today knowing that love never dies and that even in death, there is a way for our loved ones to touch our lives in a way that defies understanding. The universe is filled with love and when we tap into it, we become transformed by it. I know that happened to me today.

I share this story in the hopes that all who read it will know that nothing will ever break the bond of love between two souls.  Love is the only thing that matters now and it is the only thing that we will take with us when we leave this earthly realm.  Love is all that is.

Words cannot describe the sheer joy I felt in my heart when I realized that Nancy’s husband was using me as an instrument to express his eternal love for his wife.  I am both humbled and honored.  I end this heartwarming story with Nancy’s words, The moral of this story is that love never dies. Love between souls who shared a physical life together continues to exist after death. The mystery of the afterlife cannot be understood, only welcomed into the sacredness of the human heart where it can continue to nourish and instill the peace that passeth all understanding.

Amen.  I couldn’t have said it better.


4 thoughts on “Yellow Roses for Nancy

  1. Hey Josie, I am Chrissy’s friend Missy (A Jefferson mom). I read this and immediately felt comfort from this. My husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago, and everyday I look for signs, and get nothing. It gives me hope that he is up there looking down at me and my kids and smiling. 🙂 Hopefully, one day I will get some sign from him as well (sigh).

    • Hi Melissa, Yes, of course, I know who you are and have thought of you and your family often. If you ever want to talk privately, just contact me, OK? My information is in the Jefferson Directory. And, of course, Chris can always get a hold of me.

      • I would LOVE to! I will try and give you a call maybe next week sometime. Thanks so much!

  2. What makes my story even more amazing is that my husband Ched was a staunch non-believer in the afterlife. He believed that when we die, it’s light’s out, period and nothing else exists. But now, with this amazing after-death communication gift he was able to bring to me through Josie, he evidences the fact that life is indeed a continuum. I am certain that this story will be his witness to that fact and that many people will receive hope from reading this true account. Thank you Josie for responding with love to that “voice” in your head which made all this possible!

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