Can We Really Foresee the Future?


Our sixth sense is our ability to perceive the unseen world or another dimension. This includes everything from ESP (extra-sensory perception), clairvoyance, telepathy, premonitions, etc. We perceive our earthly or seen world through the five senses (taste, sound, sight, touch and smell). But we perceive the unseen through our intuition or our connection to Spirit.

Premonitions are basically forewarnings or gut feelings of what is about to happen. More often, premonitions occur in the form of a dream while we are in our unconscious state. This past weekend I had one of my own.

On Saturday morning I woke up feeling very anxious because I had a dream that I just couldn’t get out of my mind. In the dream, I was at my friend Christina’s house. I was standing in her hallway and there were a lot of people around me. Suddenly, I hear Christina calling my name. “Josie! Josie!” I look up and see her heading up the stairs to the second floor. She stops, turns to face me and says, “I fell. I fell.”

At this point, I noticed that her left knee was bleeding badly. I try to get to Christina but there are people ahead of me on the stairs and I become very frustrated. When I finally get to the top of the steps, I am not in my friend’s house at all but in what looked like a very large room with people everywhere. I look around but can’t find my friend. I then go up to at least two people and say, “Where is Chris?” to which they reply, “She’s right over there.” Yet again, I look for her and can’t find her. There also seemed to be this foggy mist in the room. The dream ended with me still searching for my friend.

Christina is one of my closest friends; premonitions often involve people that we have a deep connection with or love. I called that day and told her about the dream. She told me that she was going to a party that evening. I then told her to be careful because I was concerned about the dream. I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that the dream was some kind of a message for both me and my friend.

Naturally, I was worried but Saturday night came and went without incident. On Monday, I called my friend and from the way she answered the phone I could tell that she was in pain. When I asked her what was wrong, she replied, “I fell.” I thought for sure I must have misunderstood her and asked, “What did you say?” She then repeated herself (forgetting about the dream at first), “I fell.”

I was stunned and replied, “You fell!!!???? And did you happen to hurt your knee!!!???” At this point, it hit her and she said, “OH MY GOD! Yes! I hurt my knee and it’s bleeding like crazy!” I then asked her which knee she injured. Her response: “My left knee.”

Although not all premonition dreams are negative, most are warnings of what is about to happen. In his book, The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives (Dutton/2009), Larry Dossey, MD tells the story of a woman who dreamed that a chandelier on the celling falls crushing her baby. She also noticed, in the dream, that the clock read 4:35. She wakes up obviously upset about her dream and decides to go get the baby and bring the baby back to bed with her. Moments later, she hears a loud crash. The chandelier fell and did indeed crush the crib. When she looked at the clock, it read 4:35. (

What most don’t realize is that premonitions are actually very common and have been recorded throughout history. Many experiments have been conducted which continue to suggest that human beings really do have an innate ability to foresee the future. In one such experiment, subjects were hooked up to a modified lie detector. The machine was able to measure electrical current changes on a subject’s skin. Each person was shown both violent and calming images and changes in current were recorded. Dean Radin, PhD, a respected author and scientist who conducted the study, soon realized that people were reacting before they ever saw the pictures. (

Researchers have also found that many trains or planes which later crashed carried fewer passengers than usual. For example, the two aircraft which flew into the World Trade Center on September 11th were said to be less crowded than normal. Was this due to a gut feeling or premonition or can it be chalked up to plain old luck? Many believe the odds are greater that the passengers had an unconscious hunch that something was about to happen.

Before the tsunami slammed into Sri Lanka and India coastlines in 2005, many people witnessed a wide array of animals acting very strange. Elephants ran for higher ground while dogs and cats would not go outside. The belief that animals possess a sixth sense has been around for a very long time, so why is so hard for some to believe that humans possess the same ability?

One of the questions that people ask me most often is why they don’t have psychic experiences. What people need to understand is that we are all psychic or intuitive in one way or another. Some have a stronger connection to Spirit than others. Some develop and tune into their intuition while others don’t. In fact, studies have shown that certain personality traits are more likely to have stronger psychic abilities. They are said to be, for instance, more sensitive emotionally meaning they get upset or hurt easily. They are very creative, imaginative and extraverted and tend to believe in a Higher Source and a connection to Oneness. They are also have an ability to empathize with others and tend to be more trusting and positive.

Some skeptics say that those who are prone to having premonitions and other psychic experiences have FPP (Fantasy-Prone Personalities). This sounds like a cop out to me and just a quick way to explain the unexplainable. Those who know me well will tell you that I am very sensitive and do take things to heart. I always have. I am very trusting (more than I should be at times) and I am most often positive. I definitely believe in God or a Higher Source and I feel a strong connection to Spirit and the idea of Universal Oneness. But am I fantasy prone? Let’s put it this way, I’ve never had an imaginary friend growing up. Sure I’ve had some fantasies, we all do, but I don’t sit around all day fantasizing about what could or might be. I don’t have time for that. What “really is” takes up too much of my time.

What may separate me from some is my level of trust in my intuition. Simply put, the more you trust in that little intuitive voice, the more you hear it. The question is will you pay attention? The choice is yours.

Obviously, not every dream or vision is a premonition. But if you take the time to listen, you will be better able to “sense” when one is the real thing. And you may even be able to prevent it.


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