1111: What Does It All Mean?



“Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are a great deal of numerical synchronicities taking place in the universe these days.  In particular, people across the globe are becoming more and more aware of the 11:11 phenomenon.  Considered one the most powerful numbers in the universe, this is said to signify that you are being reminded of your soul’s purpose and our connection to the Divine or our higher self.

I have heard many explanations for this over the years and have written about it myself on many occasions. It is said that when we see this number repeatedly our angels and spirit guides are trying to connect with us.  It is a reminder to trust our intuition and the signs that we are given.

Over the past three months, I have repeatedly noticed 11:11 or 1:11.  In fact, as if that weren’t enough, my family and friends are noticing it as well.  Recently, my husband John told me he kept glancing at the clock at 11:11 or 1:11 and couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Then shortly before Christmas of last year, John was in the checkout line in the cafeteria at work waiting to pay for his coffee.  He has bought coffee there numerous times and the cost is $1.12.  Yet on this day, the sales clerk rang up the coffee wrong.  She entered in 11:11.  She apologized to my husband and went to re-ring the coffee up but she couldn’t.

Her register tape ran out and she had to add new paper to the machine.  The whole time my husband is staring at the numbers 11:11 on the register thinking, “OH MY GOD!”  He told me that he wanted to take a picture of it but didn’t.

It hasn’t stopped.  My two daughters frequently yell out, “Hey Mom, it is 11:11 p.m.”  My good friend Vanessa started noticing that either she would receive a text from me or she would happen to send me a text and notice that it read 11:11 or 1:11.  She often takes screen shots of her phone and sends them to me as a confirmation.  The photo above with this blog is just one example.

As I write this, we are in the midst of a snow storm so my husband is currently working from home.  Earlier today I walked over to him to tell him something.  He happened to glance at his watch.  Yet again, it was 11:11 a.m.

John just looked at me smiling saying, “There you go again.”  But the truth is I didn’t do anything.  It wasn’t me at all.  Our angels and spirit guides are always with us helping us and nudging us to make sure we are following our life’s purpose.

I know that many of you who are reading this may be thinking this is all just a matter of coincidence.  But is it?  One night my daughter Lia fell asleep on the sofa while we were watching television.  Suddenly she startled me when she woke up from a seemingly sound sleep pointing at the clock on the DVD player and saying, “Hey Mom, Look.  11:11, Mom!  11:11.” She then closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

I was so stunned by her words.  I mean there she was sleeping and then the first words out of her mouth when she woke up were, “Hey Mom, Look. 11:11?” Where did that come from?  The very next day, I received a hang up on my answering machine.  The time?  You guessed it: 11:11 a.m.

So what does all this all mean?  There are so many different explanations and interpretations out there.  For example:

*11:11 is a gateway to our higher awareness.  It is said to be a doorway to another dimension or an awakening code.

*The number 1 signifies that new beginnings and adventures are about to take form.

*It is a reminder to be aware of your thoughts as they are manifesting around you.

*It is a message not to fear and doubt what is happening in your life.

*You are being told to trust your intuition or that little voice within and to have faith in the Divine.

*It is a reminder of our connection to the universe and Oneness.  We are being called to remember that we a spiritual beings having a human experience.

*Some say it is a message from the angels and your guides letting you know that you are exactly where you need to be and that everything is in perfect alignment.

Which is it?  Truthfully, all are correct.  We need to pay attention to what is going on in our lives at the time that we receive these angelic messages.  Listen to that inner voice and follow the guidance that you are given. It’s meant for you so only you can know the true meaning.

I know this is not always easy. Personally, I think my intuition is telling me to trust more.  You see every night as part of my prayers, I say, “Help me to do what I am meant to be doing.”  Yet there is always a minute part of me that doubts what I’m doing, that wonders if I’m really where I need to be in life.  I’m wondering if I’m doing enough.

On a soul level, I have no doubt that I was meant to write my books.  I have received so many validations showing me that I was guided to do so.  I don’t doubt this at all.  Yet, I have been so impatient lately.  I have been so overwhelmed.  I get so many letters and emails from people asking for my help or my advice and sometimes I feel like I just can’t do it all.

But just maybe I’m not supposed to try and help the entire world.  Maybe I’m supposed to help as many people as I can.  Maybe, just maybe, that’s enough.  Personally, I believe I’m being reminded to trust the signs that I’m being given.  I’m being reminded to have faith in both God and myself.  I’m being told that I’m on the right path.

What does 11:11 mean to you?  Matthew 7 states, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”   Ask and trust what you are given.


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