Spiritual Pangaea


The Law of Oneness, also considered the first universal law, basically states that everything that we see around us comes from the same Source. Some refer to this Oneness as God, Love, Energy, Light, One Mind, or Universal Consciousness.  Whatever we choose to call it doesn’t matter.  The point is that the world as we know it does not consist of separate things and we are not really separate from one another. We only seem to be.

Universal Laws are the principles which govern the underlying harmony of the universe.  Sadly, most people never take the time to develop an understanding of these Universal Laws.  They go through life relying on what they can see and touch on the outside to determine their perception of reality without ever realizing that things are interconnected and made “real” because of what’s going on the inside (One Mind).

There is proof of this Oneness everywhere.  For example, Pangaea is the theory that the earth was once one super continent.  Just look at a map.  It’s easy to see that the continents look like they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.  Many rock formations end on the coast of one continent and coincidentally begin on the coast of another.  Also similar fossils have been found on two separate continents thousands of miles apart.

Hence, what is known today as the Spirit of Pangaea is a cue to all of us that we come from one Source.  It is a reminder that we are all interconnected.

Trees are another example.  When you think of the trees in your backyard, you most likely just think of the trunk and the roots that are above the ground.  However, scientists are realizing that there is so much more going on beneath the soil.  In this You Tube video, Professor Suzanne Simard demonstrates how trees in a forest ecosystem, though seemingly separate, are actually interconnected with the oldest ones serving as hubs.

Yet another case in point is dark matter and energy in the universe.  Scientists know the universe should be contracting by now, as the initial “blast” from the big bang would eventually be overtaken by the universe’s collective gravity. However it continues to expand, but not too fast.  Some “dark energy” as it is called is keeping everything nicely together. Scientists and astronomers alike are baffled by this energy.  We know it’s there but we have absolutely no clue what it is.  Scientists also can calculate the expected mass of the universe, based on its estimated size.  However when they “add up” the mass of all the known objects in the universe, it only accounts for a small fraction of this expected total mass.  Something called “dark matter” is thus assumed to make up most of the universe (roughly 70 percent).  Where is it? Again we have no idea.  But we can hypothecate that, whatever this dark matter and energy are, it is everywhere and likely involved in “connecting” everything, seen and unseen, across all time.

Although everything looks separate, there is actually something strong but unknown “binding” every single thing together (and that includes people).

In the early part of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein proposed that if quantum theory were correct, a change in one particle in a two-part system would instantaneously affect the other particle even if they were separated.  In 1964 another physicist named John Bell came forward with Bell’s Theorem to prove that Einstein’s predictions were, in fact, correct.  Bell was able to show that two particles, once entangled together (around the same nucleus) and later separated (even at two ends of the universe) will change instantaneously when a change to either one occurs.

The implications of this are astounding because it shows the inter-connectivity of the universe. It forces us to reconsider the idea of a purely objective world and consider that both the physical and mental world is constantly interacting.

Science has long known the inter-connectivity of all things.  American-born British quantum physicist David Bohm is well-known for his theory of holomovement.  As stated on Wikipedia, his theory is based on “the idea that everything is in a state of process or becoming (what he calls the ‘universal flux’). For Bohm, wholeness is not a static oneness, but a dynamic wholeness-in-motion in which everything moves together in an interconnected process.”

Mind and matter, he believed, are all abstractions from this universal flux.  In other words, we and everything else in the universe are all part of this holomovement (Oneness) and are constantly changing and moving.  Bohm believed that the universe is in a way a holographic structure and this holomovement could neither be measured nor defined.

In the metaphysical world, Edgar Cayce, recognized as one of America’s greatest psychics, performed thousands of readings during his lifetime.  Interestingly, many of these readings state that part of the problem (our unawareness) is due to our ignorance of our Oneness with one another.

In most cases, Cayce was not with his subjects at the time that the readings occurred. He remained in his trance state while lying on his couch and needed only to know the subject’s name, address, and where the person was at the time of the reading. This led some to refer to him as “The Sleeping Prophet.”

The unconscious mind, he noted, has access to a wealth of information not available to the conscious mind. Cayce’s readings present an optimistic approach to spirituality and religion that intricately ties all of humanity together in a perfect knot. Each reading focuses on the importance of Oneness and the fact that each soul manifests an awareness of this connectedness while living on this earth.  In order to reawaken this awareness, we first need to understand that God is One and we are One with God.

Time and time again, Cayce mentions the problems that our ignorance of this Oneness creates.  Ironically, our ignorance of this Oneness causes us to separate from our true reality or Spirit.

Perhaps no one mentioned the connection between mind, body and spirit more than Cayce when he stated, “Spirit is Life. Mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.” This concept of Oneness is truthfully the underlying philosophy of his readings.

Much of his material has been verified by doctors, psychologists and scientists alike. Cayce was able to provide information on the afterlife, religion, consciousness and more that was previously unknown.  All thoughts, he stated, are things.  In fact, everything that we see is an expression of God’s thought.  Everything that we see came into being because of this One Universal Mind or Spirit.

 “Each soul in entering the material experience does so for those purposes of advancement towards that awareness of being fully conscious of the oneness with the Creative Forces.” (2632-1)

He was considered by many as a modern day prophet who understood the importance of coordinating mind, body and spirit.  According to his predictions, we are all living in a time during which many will become aware of their true nature and this false separateness and ignorance will be chipped away.   For the reason we come to have an earthly experience, Cayce notes, is “for the evolution or evolving of the soul unto its awareness.”

Science is thus now echoing what ancient texts and religions have been telling us for a very long time and that is that there is an unseen connectedness between all things.  We are all part of this universal energy field and that is why every thought or feeling we have and every action we take affects the whole.

The great physicist Nikola Tesla noted that we are constantly receiving and transmitting energy.  Everything is constantly intertwined.  He wrote, “If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Tesla understood that we create our own reality through certain Universal Laws.  What we think, we create.  What we give, we receive.  From Tesla’s words we can also extrapolate that is why if you want love, you must also give love.

With all this scientific and metaphysical evidence of universal interconnectivity, it then makes sense how in today’s world, there seems to be a gradual yet undeniable shift from the concept of “boxed in” religious dogma (only “our” religion is the right one, God won’t save the others), towards the more consoling realization that we are all one spirit and mutual love is the ultimate, and really only goal. This return to Spiritual Pangaea is mankind’s true destiny, and our generation is the first where we can see real progress towards this common goal.


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