Follow Your Passion with Style

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Lona Alia Duncan, founder & CEO of Style Lend

Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy.  Anonymous

On January 1, many of us wake up with our long lists of New Year’s resolutions only to find that we never even accomplished one thing come December 31st.  Why the failure?  The number one reason we fail is not because we lack the money or the resources.  We fail because we never even take the first step. What motivates us then to take that first step?

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing woman named Lona Alia Duncan.  Before our lunch meeting, I researched her background finding that she was a former model from Albania who had worked for well-known fashion empires like Guess, Versace and Levi’s.  She had lived a life of glamour as she walked down numerous runways and appeared in several popular magazines.

Knowing her background, I must admit I was still awestruck by her striking beauty when she walked in the door of Claudette, a restaurant in the West Village section of New York City.  One can’t help but be impressed with Lona’s beauty at first glance.  But as we chatted over lunch, I came to realize that there was so much more to this remarkable woman than what meets the eye. She may be a pretty face but her true beauty comes more from within.

Lona put her modeling career aside opting to study business and earn her BA from George Washington University.  She later went on to earn her MBA from Hult International Business School with the hopes of someday owning her own company.  While traveling light in Paris and several other countries with her husband, she thought it would be great if she could just borrow the clothes she needed for various events from other stylish women.  Hence, the idea for Style Lend was born.

lona and josieThe new company serves as a marketplace for both lending and renting high-end designer dresses.  Dresses are available for as low as $20 making it possible for women to look great without the hefty price tag.

As we chatted over lunch, I was immediately impressed with her contagious positive energy.  It was easy for me to see what led Lona to take the first step . . . her passion.  Her love for fashion is an obvious motivator as is her desire to help women of all ages feel self-confident and beautiful.

As we ring in the New Year, how then do we find what motivates us?  How then do we get past the fear and procrastination and take that initial step?

Here are four simple steps:


If your heart isn’t in it, you’ll think of every excuse not to do it.  You can’t do what you don’t care about.


We get back what we focus on in life.  Stay focused and positive throughout.  Once we let doubt and fear creep in, we’ll lose sight of our goal.


I don’t know about you but if I don’t write it down, it very rarely gets done.  Writing it down makes it real and gives you a visual to focus on.  So write it down and pin it where you can see it.


We get motivated when our goals resonate with our soul.  Our goals resonate with our soul when we truly believe in what we are doing.  So not only must you love what you’re doing, but you must also believe and trust wholeheartedly in your ability to do it.

Motivation is the energy that drives your perseverance.  It’s the trigger point inside you that says “YES” and provides the push you need to actually go into action mode.  Motivation lies within us ready and willing to come forward at any given moment.

… who you are is not defined by what you do or even what you’ve done, but rather by all that you are and all that you are capable of doing.

People are often defined by what they do.  But who you are is not defined by what you do or even what you’ve done,  but rather by all that you are and all that you are capable of doing.

And by the way, if you want to follow your passion, you need to be around “like mind and energy.”  In other words, stay away from negative people who drain you of your positive energy and don’t want to see you succeed.

Seek out the people who support you and motivate you to stay focused and keep going.  Seek out the people who perhaps see something greater in you than you may not even see yourself.  These are the people who will help to trigger the motivational energy within.

When you follow your passion, the possibilities are endless.  You need only believe.

Note:  If you would like more information about Lona Alia Duncan and Style Lend, please visit  Thank you.



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