Unleash the Power of Intention in 2016

“In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”

Carlos Castaneda

intentionTomorrow millions of people will wake up with their usual New Year’s resolutions only to be looking at last year’s list and likely next year’s as well. Actually following thru on these promises to yourself is not about willpower or even drive. Rather it’s about the power of intention.

Less than 10 percent actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Most people give up in just a few short weeks and go back to their old ways. Why is that? Everything that we do is shaped by our intentions, not our actions. In other words, it’s not about what we do but the force or desire behind our actions. Our intentions not only shape who we are but also create our destiny.

Thousands of years ago, the sages of India noted that our destiny is ultimately shaped by our intentions. The classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads states, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

Merriam-Webster defines an intention as “the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.” It is this aim or this attitude that guides our actions. I can remember when my husband John and I were dating a year, my Dad demanded to know what John’s intentions were. Did he plan to marry me or was he just “fooling around” as my father put it.

The power of intention is different than the law of attraction. In an interview with Successful Living, the late Wayne Dyer described it this way, “The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.

“Most people’s mistake in trying to apply the law of attraction is they want things; they demand things. But God doesn’t work that way,” he said. “It’s all about allowing.”

There are three easy steps to unleashing your intentions for 2016:

  1. Release: Release your intentions and thoughts out into the Universe.
  2. Detach: Let go and detach yourself from those intentions. In other words, don’t constantly think and worry about the outcome. Allow your destiny to take shape.
  3. Trust: Trust in the power of your intentions. Without trust, relationships and friendships end. And without trust, our intentions are fruitless.

Light travels at a rate of 186,000 miles per second. Although impressive, thoughts practically travel instantaneously. These thoughts precede every action. And our intentions or desires precede every thought. As I’ve said many times, these thoughts create our reality. Once released, these thoughts become waves of energy which then become part of a never-ending force which shapes our destiny.

Deepak Chopra once said, “Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening or love.”

When you mean to do something, you release your intention. Where there is no intention there is no fulfillment.

Failing does not mean being a failure. You are a failure only if you choose to be one. There are lessons to be learned regardless of the outcome. So don’t let fear stop your intentions.

Energy flows where our intention goes. Release. Detach. Trust.



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