Do you sometimes wish you could rewind your life and just start over? Or maybe, at times, you would rather fast forward? How many times have you told yourself that you’ll never be able to achieve something because you just don’t have the money, the energy or the time? How many excuses have you made every time things don’t go your way? How many times have you felt like you would never find happiness? How many times have you wanted to change your life but just didn’t know where to begin?

I’ve been there. Having been born with a disability, it’s been a long and tough journey for me on the road to becoming an author, speaker and inventor. It’s not the destination but the journey that matters in the end. Finding happiness and fulfilling your dreams, goes beyond goal setting. It means taking an honest look in the mirror and finding your passion.

Happiness is not an emotion; it is a state of mind or well being. The fact is you can’t rewind or fast forward; you can only concentrate on the here and now. But the good news is you can change your life and achieve whatever it is that you want. The only things you need are passion and determination.

from josievarga.com


Please also join and help spread the word about my Visits From Heaven Facebook Group

This group is based on Josie Varga’s bestselling book, Visits from Heaven, which contains evidential afterlife communication accounts from around the world. The purpose of this group is to give people a place where they can come to share their own experiences without fear of being judged. It is also a place for the bereaved to find comfort in knowing that life never ends and love never dies.


Josie Varga

4 thoughts on “welcome

  1. You are one motivated, hard working, dedicated and spiritual lady…full of LOVE. Or should I say, GOD?

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